VoIP and DID

Many of the home phone set up which are totally different from a business. So, there are nothing which can say that we can’t use the same set ups but, with the use of this way a business functions we can make take many of the thing which are more efficient. So one of the physical thing which will come into the office. So many of home phones that we required for a separate line as a new telephone and telephone number in the home. This thing will show that every number has its own line and when an outside person dials this then there is no difficulty in checking out that who is calling and for what.

The businesses with many or thousands of employees which are simply working in one office so these can’t afford to have so many lines coming in and out of the building because it will be too much difficult. It is not the cost but is ineffective as well. So the starting with AT&T they developed a technology which is known as direct inward dialing, which give offer the same set of wires that can be used for many of the phone lines. This is the basic need of business to take the responsibility of forwarding the number to the rightperson and this was done just because of a private branch exchange system.

Have you ever seen in the old movies that an attendant is manually switches calls to the right person and over many years we just have this system, but now, all that can be done automatically, the telephone company give offer the businesses private branch exchange to know about the number it has to connect by sending the last few digits to it which is new for every employee so, the business and the private branch exchange connects it up automatically this is now new.

This has great thing according toVoIP which relies with the PSTN network in order to do any work. This is a new technical level even, every sip VoIP user have their own identity which can be showed by their sip addresses as like emails address, this is  not as like a regular users want to contact you and it is not what you can  put up on your website easily. So, every person that will need a regular telephone number which people can dial and which will rings on your VoIP phone. This is not far now because it is just the new technology of direct inward dialing or DID which is now easily available in the market.

But keep one thing in your mind that, you don’t want a DID to make a telephone call but only to receive it.  Many of the users didn’t know that who is calling if you call them directly from your VoIP phone, because it is not a proper number. Many of the time, you even don’t want to know about the terms which are as DID. Your VoIP service provider will give you any telephone number so, you didn’t have to choose or select.

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